"Welcome! I am delighted that you have taken the opportunity to learn more about Moveo Financial Group. 

Moveo offers stand-alone financial planning services* that do not require you to have a minimum amount of money to invest.  Moveo offers Ready to Retire financial plans and Ready to Save plans for a fixed price.  We firmly believe that a goal that is written down has a much higher chance of being achieved."  Call us today to get started on your financial plan! 480-275-5219. 

Michelle L. Patel, CFP®

Certified Financial PlannerTM

Gain Confidence

Our goal is to keep our clients’ trust.  We provide independent and objective advice, while abiding by the Certified Financial Planner Board’s Ethical Standards.  We put our clients’ interests ahead of our own at all times, we inform each client of any conflict of interest, and disclose all sources of compensation.

Make Intelligent Financial Moves 

We take the time to understand each client’s comprehensive financial situation, not just their investment portfolio. This includes:

o Cash flow needs
o Retirement Planning
o Health and Life Insurance needs
o Education planning
o Tax issues
o 401k Reviews
o Any other issues important to each client 

We provide on-going monitoring of each client’s investment portfolio, and produce investment performance reports quarterly for Fee-based portfolios.  We offer the opportunity to meet in person to review quarterly performance reports and also discuss progress towards financial plan objectives.

Our advice is customized for each client, whether we are developing a comprehensive financial plan or an investment portfolio allocation.  We do not give canned product pitches.  Our focus is to provide advice that finds the optimum solution to each client’s financial situation.

While our clients work hard to save for the future, we work to keep investment costs and taxes low so that more of our clients’ savings goes into their pockets.

Enjoy Life

Once our clients know they have a comprehensive plan that is being monitored for them, their worries about the future can be reduced.  The focus of our clients’ energy shifts to the aspects of life that they know and enjoy, such as career success, arts and leisure pursuits, spirituality, volunteering, etc.

To learn more about how we may help you get on track to meeting your financial goals, please call Michelle at 480-275-5219.